A Bit About Me

Photographer. Programmer. Pilot.
Those three words describe me professionally.  I think that adding the phrase "twinkly-eyed curmudgeon" pretty well completes the description.

I also play piano, but with far more enthusiasm than skill, and my singing voice is so bad it entitles me to a handicapped parking permit.


  • Photojournalism I learned my craft by working for eight years as a newspaper photographer. Hard work and great fun.  I think of the San Francisco Chronicle as my alma mater.
  • Travel & Industrial Photography I wore out several passports in a decade spent traveling around the world, frequently going to places that nobody actually wants to visit, but often bringing back interesting pictures.
  • Aerial Photography My passion.  Please take a look at the 'Portfolio' section and I think you'll see why.

What’s New


New Gallery:
Please take a look at the new Fractals gallery in the portfolio section.
I'll confess to some misgivings about adding images to a photography portfolio that aren't made with a camera.  But I like the images and want to share them even if they aren't actually photographs.

With that in mind, I've changed the sub-head on the site to 'Photographer / Print Maker' to reflect the fact that I'm embracing an additional craft.


Seventy Two?
As I turn 72 I reaffirm my commitment to give new meaning to the phrase "Late bloomer."

My Goal

Flying and photography are both things in which I delight.  I aim to combine them to offer a different view of the world.  The airborne perspective itself is quite wonderful, and you'll see many pictures on this site that are just that: The world from above.
But I often go further and use a variety of digital tools and techniques to extract the essential shapes, textures, forms, and colors from the raw image.
I sincerely hope that you enjoy these pictures and what I've done with them, or that you'll at least forgive my arrogance in thinking that I can improve on what my camera records.


“Which of my photographs is my favorite?  The one I’m going to take tomorrow!"

Imogen Cunningham

Coming Soon


To Blog or not to Blog...
I hate the word "Blog."  It sounds like something that came out of your nose!
But I have some things to say that I think will be of interest to my fellow photographers, so I may suppress my distaste for the term and excrete some blogifying on y'all.


Gallery Show?
Getting ready.  Making big prints.  Cutting mats.  No place or time set as yet.  Watch this space.